Artie Vierkant & Constant Dullaart at Extra Extra

Friday 6 August 2010 / Extra Extra / 2222 Sepviva St. / Philadelphia PA

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Review by Bob Myaing & Artie Vierkant, first posted Monday 16 August 2010

Constant Dullaart, Healing (2010)
Series of nine photographs found online, originally showing the effects of the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, manipulated with the Photoshop CS4 spot healing brush.

Artie Vierkant, Full Throttle (2010)
Ongoing series presenting formal recordings of films streaming over the Internet at very slow (throttled) connection speed.

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Constant Dullaart, (2010)


Constant Dullaart, Re: Deepwater Horizon offshore rig fire (2010)
Photoshop CS4 spot-healing brush manipulated US coast guard youtube video.


Artie Vierkant, Proposed Videos I-III (2010)
Video Installation
Over the course of the exhibition three videos will be on display in the process of being created.  The video will be available to view or purchase, but only the parts which have been rendered so far.  At the end of the exhibition, all unsold rendered video will be given to the gallery and uploaded to the internet as documentation of the performance.
Proposed Video I: August 6-8
Proposed Video II: August 14-14
Proposed Video III: August 21-22

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Artie Vierkant Constant Dullaart